Proper boat launching etiquette in Utah

Boating season is officially upon us in Utah. Time to take those boat covers off, put the swimsuit on and get that boat in the water. Boating is a favorite summer pastime of many Utahns. No matter where you take your boat, Jordanelle, Pineview, Willard, Flaming Gorge, or even Lake Powell, it requires some proper etiquette to launch it into the water. Too many times we have seen people clueless as to how to properly drive it off or on the trailer, or park it in the way of everyone else while they take off the boat cover. Proper boat launching etiquette is essential to making friends with other boaters!

Proper boat launching etiquette in Utah

  • Use the tie-down area to prep your boat (i.e. taking off the boat cover)
  • Learn how to back a trailer up
  • Shut off your headlights when retrieving your boat at dusk
  • Don’t hog the courtesy dock
  • Learn to drive a boat onto the trailer
  • Secure the boat on the trailer before pulling forward

Knowing this etiquette not only keeps you on good terms with other boaters in Utah but also saves you a lot of headache. Too many times have boaters seen someone pull their boat forward on the trailer and it falls off because they failed to secure it. This is frustrating to everyone around. Remember to be respectful to everyone around you; you are all there for the same reason to have some fun on the water. Also make sure to protect your boat after fun on the lake by securing a SugarHouse boat cover on it.

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