Canvas Products

UTV Side-by-Side Enclosures

When the weather goes from cool to cold and from cold to frigid each winter, our custom cab enclosure systems will keep you cozy and enjoying your Side-By-Side until the weather breaks.

Upholstery and Furniture

We're pro's at manufacturing upholstery and furniture according to your exact needs and specifications. We have access to a variety of high-quality materials to make every project perfect.

Custom Canvas Products

Whatever it is, we can make it. We've done fountain covers, barbecue covers, trailer covers, tire covers, car covers, and just about every other kind of cover.

A/C Covers

Your air conditioner isn't built to withstand the extremes of harsh weather. That's why we've designed highly durable canvas covers to protect it during the harsh seasons.

RV Trailer Skirting

Reduce heat loss and lower your heating costs with custom RV trailer skirting from SugarHouse.