Snap-on Covers

The snap-on boat cover is perfect for frequent travelers looking for a fast and convenient way to protect their boating gear from dirt and adverse weather while on the road. If you’re preparing for a boating trip in a hurry, simply put your gear in the boat, snap the cover on, and take the quickest route to the lake.

Similar to the other products we offer, each snap-on cover we make is custom-made to fit the exact make and model of the boat it protects. In addition, our snap-on covers can be altered to fit any type of custom framework and towers. To offer further protection, the underside is reinforced at each critical wear point, including the windshield, cleats, and mounts.

Because we only believe in producing the highest quality products for our customers, we only use premium materials. Each standard snap-on cockpit and open bow cover we produce is made from Sunbrella fabrics-the most exceptional all-weather marine fabric available on the market. If you’re looking to save a little money, we can make a snap-on cover out of marine vinly--a less expensive material.

Local Customers: We advise you to bring your boat to our showroom for measuring and installation. Your boat will be stored in a gated yard until your custom cover is complete.

Out-of-Area Customers: In some situations, we can create a snap-on cover for customers residing outside the Salt Lake County area. We have kept many patterns from previously manufactured custom covers--these patterns can be duplicated to produce new snap-on covers. However, if you have previously owned a snap-on cover for your boat it may be impossible for us to create a new one. If you are interested in purchasing a snap-on cover, please contact us via phone. If an order is approved, all essential hardware and installation instructions will be included.

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