Rope-Operated Window Awnings

Rope-Operated Window Awnings are a sturdy, durable shade solution for your storefront or home. Capable of cooling the interior while beautifying the exterior of your home, this classic awning design has been a SugarHouse customer favorite for over 75 years.

Features include:

  • Available in well known fabrics like Sunbrella and Dickson
  • 10-year limited warranty against becoming unserviceable
  • Plenty of color options in both stripes and solids
  • Optional valance around the bottom, available in many shapes and styles
  • Optional graphics such as logo, street address, etc...
  • Made with reliable name brand outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella and Dickson
  • These durable fabrics carry a limited 10-year warranty
  • Many colors options are available in both striped and solid patterns
  • The fabric on a rope-operated window awning has a loose appear- ance which allows the awning to be extended down or pulled up, but is not tight like that of a welded frame awning
  • The scalloped valance along the bottom of the window awning is an optional feature that comes in many different sizes and styles
  • The rope-operated window awning has a pipe frame
  • A system of ropes works in conjunction with the pipe frame to allow for simple and easy operation
  • The ends of the ropes are wrapped around cleats that are placed off to one side of the awning in order to secure them
  • When you want shade, you unwrap the ropes and let the awning extend down
  • When you want sun, you pull the ropes, to retract the awning and uncover the window


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