Utah’s Best Boat Covers

If you are a Utah boater you know it is vital to have a quality boat cover. Throughout the spring, summer and fall months you spend most of your days out on the lake. There is nothing more frustrating then when your headed home and you discover that your boat cover has ripped.

To avoid this frustration purchase a quality boat cover from Utah’s Sugarhouse Awnings. Their boat covers are custom made to fit your boat and your personal needs. Their products are made out of quality material and will be specially fitted to your boat.

When purchasing a boat cover from Utah’s Sugarhouse Awnings you have two options. You can purchase a tie-down cover, or a snap on cover. Both are durable, but they serve different boaters needs.

Tie-Down boat covers are great for boaters who know they will be weathering a lot of travel and storms. Sugarhouse Awnings tie-down boat covers are reinforced with heavy-duty webbing. This webbing allows the cover to be extremely tight without tearing.

Snap-on boat covers are an excellent choice for Utah boaters who want to snap on and off their boat covers and quickly as possible. Sugarhouse Awnings snap on boat covers have an underside that is reinforced at all of the critical wear points.